North Dakota Research and Polling Center


The North Dakota Research Center provides opinion research on the American public's thoughts about U.S. policy, priorities, and values. We collect data on the most relevant issues of the day, and our research can be divided into several categories and key topics.

U.S. Policy and Politics

Key topics:

  • Foreign policy
  • Feelings on government, parties, and elected officials
  • Economy
  • Domestic issues and infrastructure
  • Political knowledge and interests
  • Elections and campaigns

Journalism and Media

We examine the changing ways that news and information are consumed and how they might shape society and culture.

Key Topics:

  • News trends
  • Social media
  • Audience trends
  • The role of news in society
  • Economic indicators
  • Audience engagement and participation with news
  • Emerging news providers

Internet, Science, and Technology

We gauge public opinion on scientific advancement, research, and innovation. Our research can help us gain an understanding of how science affects the lives of citizens.

Key topics:

  • Adolescents and technology
  • Technology use rates and methods
  • Social networking
  • Online privacy
  • Science and societal affects
  • Mobile connectivity

Religion and Public Life

Research into how religion affects public affairs is a pivotal aspect of social science. We seek to know how religion is changing our culture, evolving over time, and impacting societies around the world.

Key Topics:

  • Religion and American politics
  • Religious beliefs, practices, and affiliations
  • Global religious changes
  • Government and social religious restrictions

Hispanic Trends

We monitor Latino lifestyles, demographic changes, and opinions and the impact of this culture on the nation.

Key Topics:

  • Hispanic public opinion
  • Immigration trends
  • Latino identity
  • Hispanic voting trends
  • Changing demographics
  • Latino education and work trends

Global Attitudes and Trends

It's important to understand our country in the context of the wider world. We have surveyed people in 58 different countries.

Key Topics:

  • Terrorism
  • Democracy
  • International perception of America
  • Globalization
  • China as a world superpower

Social and Demographic Trends

These studies gather data on everyday American life for a number of different demographics.

Key topics:

  • Education and student debt
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Marriage, family, gender, and work
  • U.S. population trends
  • Adolescents, generations, and aging

Research Methodology

For our own purposes, we stay up to date on the methods that will result in best practices.

Key topics:

  • Machine-driven content analysis
  • Non-probability-based sampling
  • Big data
  • Best practices in survey-based research