North Dakota Research and Polling Center


North Dakota Research Center is dedicated to collecting factual and data-driven data for social-science research. We want the data that we collect to inform the public dialogue and result in sound decision-making.

We research a variety of topics and support not only the public, but also the media and policy-makers. We believe that accurate information is the tool needed for problem-solving solutions. Our social-science research demonstrates the changes in the world around us and we empower the voice of the people through public opinion surveys.

North Dakota Research Center is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. Our mission is to collect accurate facts and share them with the world.

Code of Ethics

Our rigorous code of ethics ensures valuable and trustworthy data. We aim for accuracy, objectivity, innovation, and transparency. Here are a few of our policies:

Conflicts of Interest

Our employees and research methods must remain completely credible. Employees gain approval from their supervisors before participating in activities that could be seen as a conflict of interest. This can include membership in groups, boards, and other associations. It's vital that we have an impartial reputation and don't engage in behavior that compromises our credibility.

Prohibitions on Electioneering

We are a nonprofit organization which means that are employees are prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in political campaigns and activities in support of or opposition to candidates for public office. Our senior staff is not allowed to participate in any partisan activities even individually in their personal time.

Integrity of Research

We ensure that our research is impartial and collected in a way that satisfies methodological integrity. We use the best available tools for the research at hand and follow scientific methods. We welcome questions about our research methods and will attempt to manage information requests promptly.

We are committed to correcting any errors that affect quality and accuracy of data. In these instances, we will revise reporting and send alerts to readers and other concerned parties as necessary.

Contact us with any questions regarding errors, research methods, and other concerns.