North Dakota Research and Polling Center

Welcome to the North Dakota Research Center

North Dakota Research Center is a fact tank that collects data about public issues, attitudes, and trends that affect our country and the world. Our non-partisan organization gathers data based on public opinion polling, content analysis, and demographic research. We insist on credibility, accuracy, and unbiased research.

Our Research

We study a number of topics that can be found on our Research page. Generally, these include politics, journalism, Internet, science, technology, global trends, U.S. social trends, and Hispanic trends.

Our Methods

We keep up to date on best practices in data collection and research. We are committed to highly scientific and impartial research methodology.

Our Staff

Our organization is managed by Kimberly Erdman, and we have a 200 staff member team. We try to pair the analytical talents of scientists with the observational and storytelling skills of journalists to acquire the most powerful and informative research. Our 8-member board of volunteers oversees us in addition to our management team.

Our Funding

We work with institutional funders and philanthropists who are interested in funding impartial research and wish to take part in a data-driven discussion. You can make a contribution on our behalf or contact us to learn more about our funding by reaching out through email.

Our Mission

Our foundation of facts will inform public dialogue leading to stronger policymaking and better decision-making on all levels. Because we are nonprofit and nonpartisan, we highly value independence, innovation, rigor, objectivity, and accuracy.

Contact the North Dakota Research Center with any concerns, questions, or queries. We welcome public input regarding our operations.